World Famous Japanese Okido Yoga Master & Healer, Fernando Montoto, is Coming to New York! August 18th-23rd

August 12th, 2015 by admin

2015.08.18 - FernandoMontoto

Fernando Montoto is conducting rare teaching events this August. Whether you are a Yoga teacher, Practitioner, Healer or simply want to try out this new Yoga for the first time, you will learn new methods and expand your teaching repertoires.

Fernando Montoto is a celebrated student of the late renowned Master Masahiro Oki, teaches worldwide and has appeared on national television and in leading magazines.

Okido Yoga is a total health practice. The late Master Masahiro Oki revolutionized Yoga, incorporating true Indian Yoga, Shinto discipline, Martial Arts, Chinese Do-In, Zen practice, culminating into this very “Japanese” Yoga.  Fundamentals include increasing awareness of Ki-flow by Tanden power and by seeking constant balance in our body, mind and spirit, according to the law of Nature.

Okido Yoga is very different than Hatha Yoga widely practiced in the West. Join us to learn about this ancient yoga and healing technique for inspiration, education, relaxation and wellbeing.

We promise that you will immensely enjoy participating!
You will learn unique and fun OKIDO exercises & healing such as:
KANRENBUI: help to recover stagnation of Ki using amazing relation points in our body.
JOKAHO: Purification exercises to improve the flow of Ki.
SHUSEIHO: By correcting body’s imbalance, one eliminates many illnesses and health problems.
KIOKAHO: Exercise gives strong stimulation to deep brain, boosting basic functions of life force.

As classes are small, spaces are limited, please sign up now!!

CALL NOW TO REGISTER 212 799 9711 or Email us at


Master Classes:
Please inquire for location, Scholarship available, NCCAOM credit. Each class $45 (3 hrs.) subject to change

9am – 12pm 1pm – 4pm 5pm – 8pm
August 18 Kanrenbui Jokaho Shuseiho
August 19 Jokaho Shuseiho Kanrenbui
August 20 Shuseiho Kanrenbui Jokaho

Seminar at Beautiful Beach Resort, Long Island in NY. August 21-23,
$450. Fantastic Value! All inclusive Accommodation, Food and Seminar fee.
Onnetsu, Shinkiko, Kanrenbui, Shuseiho, Kyokaho, Jokaiho
NCCAOM points 31 and Certificate

Special therapy session
Master Fernando is very famous for his own unique technique of healing.
Available upon request. $135 per session.

212 799 9711 or
email us at